How to get rid of intrusive Internet advertising

Animated banners, with sounds, interactive, flash, or pages robapantallas … There is nothing more uncomfortable to enter a web page and find a banner or pop-up window that tries to steal all our attention and that gets in the content that interests us, and that it even interferes with navigation. Exactly this is called intrusive advertising, and fortunately for the users of the network, there is the option to block it.

At the moment diverse options are available to eradicate the intrusive advertising of the navigation. Although, you can use a proxy -program- to filter and block ads, the easiest and most widely used option is to use extensions or add-ons that are installed in the browser used, be it Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari u Opera. One of these add-ons is Adblock Plus, the most famous of all, and it can be downloaded through its web portal

“We would like to encourage the use of more direct and less aggressive advertising on websites. That’s why we have established strict guidelines to identify acceptable advertising. ” This is the premise of Adblock Plus, the tool that blocks intrusive ads. Fundamentally, its definition of acceptable advertising includes static ads that do not have animations or sounds, that do not deceive the user, that do not hide the content of the pages, that are not located in the middle of the texts, that do not force the user to perform some action, and that can be distinguished with the word “Advertising”.

In itself, the popularity of this tool is that it is perceived by netizens as an instrument to defend their interests. From the point of view of marketing, these strategies that seem creative, the only thing they achieve is to frustrate the user and create in him a negative image, both of the advertised product or service, and of the website that hosts it.

The challenge for advertisers is to develop quality advertising in visual and content terms, which is not detrimental to the user’s experience in the network, and rather generates identification and approval in it so that it really works. As in any market, the consumer is fully entitled to demand quality, and advertisers have the duty to offer it to them.